Local Brand Development

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A Company Identity Can Be Developed Through SEO

Brand development refers to the process of improving a company’s reputation and establishing its identity within an industry and / or location. A brand can be defined by both public opinion and public awareness. MOZ’s 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors reveals several reasons why brand development should be part of every local marketing strategy. Some of the primary factors are:

  • Citation Sources: Business listings on internet directories like Google My Business promote brand awareness
  • Review Generation: Review generation on sites like Yelp also contribute to brand awareness and reputation
  • Social Media: A presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also promotes brand awareness
  • Website Optimization: Using branded keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, and page content, help extend brand awareness and recognition

Brand development closely parallels with local SEO and vice versa. Each of the ranking factors above are also actions that help develop your company’s reputation and identity. As a Dallas – Fort Worth business, your target market is defined within the Metroplex. Finding ways to establish visibility and create a buzz around your company requires in-depth knowledge of marketing and the principles that compose it. Call 800.231.4871 for local branding services in DFW.

Qualities Of Successful Brands

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Successful Brands Are Consistent and Locally Visible

There is no magic formula to creating a successful brand, and patience is a virtue during the development process. Allowing frustration over the pace of the process to influence how you execute it, will only end up damaging your marketing campaign. In spite of a lack of expedience, there are qualities shared by top brands throughout DFW. They include:

  • Consistency: Well known brands display consistency, in logo’s, philosophies, content, and more
  • Definition: A successful brand knows their audience, and defines them before moving forward
  • Exposure: All brands must find a way to be seen by their target audience
  • Uniqueness: Successful brands are distinguishable and possess unique qualities that are exclusive to them

As a branding exercise, every Dallas – Fort Worth business should review the qualities above and pose the question “does my company meet this criteria? Identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses sets the foundation for a branding strategy that will help you develop a more impactful identity in your industry and community. DFW SEO can help you get started today with our online branding services.

Investing in Branding Services

DFW Branding MeetingThe savvy business owner may think he or she can handle branding on their own, but will soon learn that the process is more difficult than anticipated. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO provides an ideal solution with brand development. We utilize website design, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertising, and more to expand your company’s recognition within your industry and local community of DFW. We believe a strong online presence is the foundation to a successful brand.

Existing in relative anonymity might have worked 20 years ago when word of your services could travel from door to door. But research proves time and again that consumers are no longer acquiring information in that manner. Instead, they are going online to look for services, and to form an opinion on a company’s reputation. Websites like Google My Business and Yelp are more critical to branding than ever before. Call 800.231.4871 to get started with local brand development in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX.