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We offer Google Maps services in Dallas / Fort Worth

Google Maps is important for business owners in D/FW.  If mobile searchers cannot locate your business, you become largely irrelevant to them. Google Maps location data determines the proximity between the user and your business, allowing local searches to customize results based on distance. For SEO Google Maps services, call us at 800.231.4871. Take the following steps to ensure your business is marked on Google Maps:

  1. 1.  Add or claim your Google My Business listing
  2. 2. Open Google Maps and zoom into the location of your Dallas, TX business
  3. 3. If your business is not listed, choose “Send Feedback” on the bottom right
  4. 4. Choose “Add a Missing Place”
  5. 5. Place the marker at the precise location of your business
  6. 6. Choose “Submit”

After completing these steps, your Google Maps location data will be available to search engine users. It puts your DFW business on the map, both figuratively and literally. Understanding the difference between local SEO and general SEO, can help business owners distinguish themselves from the competition. At DFW SEO, we have years of experience working with local companies, in order to improve their online visibility, and help them generate more leads.

The Importance of Google Maps for Local Search

Google Maps Management

Local SERPs display map listings for top results

SEO Google Maps, along with Google My Business, is the basis of local search engine results pages (SERPs). Local SERPs generally include 3 Google Maps results on the top, before more traditional links are shown. These Google Maps results vary depending on the location of the user, in relation to the location of your business. If you are a business in Dallas / Fort Worth, and are looking to increase your online visibility, call us today at 800.231.4871. Here are some qualities of a business that ranks well on Google Maps results.

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local Reviews
  • NAP Citation Sources
  • Strong Website

By increasing your businesses visibility, its reputation will increase exponentially. If Google interprets your business as established, and trustworthy, the chances of being shown on local SERPs ascends to a higher level. The competition is fierce for the limited spots, but so many businesses still fail to implement basic SEO principles that can earn them the visibility they so desperately covet. DFW SEO offers SEO Google Maps services to companies in the Dallas, TX area. Our years of experience working with local companies, gives us a decided advantage over more generalized marketing institutions.

How Google Maps Affects Internet Marketing

DFW Google MapsMost DFW businesses have a marketing budget. That’s why it is important to measure what you are getting out of your internet marketing services. ROI is dependent upon revenue earned from online customers, minus the cost of generating internet leads. If your current marketing company does not encourage you to measure the value of their services, then it’s probably because they are not confident that their services are helping you make money.

At DFW SEO, our only goal is to help local businesses thrive online. Our team of experts will provide the full spectrum of SEO services to your D/FW company. That includes; website design, content creation and management, NAP citation management, reputation management, and much more. If you are a business owner in Dallas / Fort Worth, and are looking for SEO Google Maps services, call us now at 800.231.4871.