SEO Local Mapping

Local Mapping

Local search engine optimization requires consistent directory listings, strong website marketing, and accurate location data

What Is Local Mapping?

Local mapping is the practice of implementing a company’s business information throughout various web channels with the intention of increasing local visibility. Local businesses must approach search engine optimization (SEO) differently than national and global operations. The process of SEO local mapping requires an intuitive marketing campaign and a sharp attention to detail. For local mapping services in Dallas / Fort Worth, call us now at 800.231.4871. In order to rank well in Google’s local search results, your business requires:

Citation Sources

Your most important citation source will be Google My Business in which you can claim for free. After claiming your Google My Business page, you should add the following elements:

  • Description: Don’t be afraid to go into detail about your business, and include links to your website and other authority sites
  • Hours: List your hours of operation so customers know when they can reach you
  • Logo and Photos: Upload your company logo along with high-resolution images that display aspects of your business
  • NAP: Ensure your business name, address and phone number are listed and completely accurate down to the suffix of the street name
  • Reviews: Google My Business reviews are part of your Google search profile, making them even more important than those from other directories

There will be a similar process for each citation source you claim across the internet. Make sure your NAP is consistent throughout all listing directories. Some quality directories you should pursue listing claims on include: Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), LinkedIn, and more. Depending on what industry you are in, there may be niche specific directory listings that you should absolutely claim. For assistance with local mapping in Dallas / Fort Worth, give us a call at 800.231.4871

Quality Reviews

SEO Local Mapping Services

There are multiple ways for local businesses to generate customer reviews

Google My Business is your most important source for online reviews, but it shouldn’t be your only source. Websites like Yelp and BBB hold considerable weight with local search users. Knowing where to leave reviews is one thing, but actually getting customers to take the time to leave them, is another. Local businesses should consider the following strategies for generating reviews:

  • Ask in Person: After conducting business with customers, ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review of your performance
  • Email Signature: Include direct links to your directory listing review pages in your email signature
  • Website Links: Include those same links in the footer of your website, with icons that display the online review site logo

There are some circumstances in which local businesses should exercise caution when soliciting reviews. Yelp frowns upon review solicitation while other listing directories prefer that you do solicit them. Your business should never pay someone money in exchange for a review, which can lead to SEO penalties.

Location Data

Local search engine users operate in real time. Your business location must be visible and accurate in order to attract potential customers. Take the following steps to ensure your business is easily accessible via digital location mapping:

  • Contact Information: Make sure your address is both accurate and consistent throughout all online listing directories
  • Google Maps: Follow these steps from Google to ensure that any location inaccuracies are corrected

By auditing your NAP information on online directory sources, you can ensure that GPS data will correctly market your business location to potential customers. Location data plays a major role in local SEO and your business should take the steps necessary optimize for it.

Internet Marketing for Your Local Business

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We offer internet marketing services in Dallas / Fort Worth

Once your business is properly listed online, you can begin to market your content to potential customers. For local internet marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth, call us at 800.231.4871 Your website’s on-page SEO will help you generate relevant traffic that can be converted into customer sales. Consider some of the following components of a strong local website:

  • Call to Action: Each of your pages should contain a phone number link in which users can access via mobile devices
  • Local Keywords: Your website should contain a local keyword combined with a business keyword both within the content itself, as well as the URL and tag structures
  • Local Link Building: Link to local authority websites and build relationships with reputable local businesses to generate backlink opportunities (BBB Accreditation provides a quality backlink)
  • Structured Data Markup: Make your website easy for search engines to understand with structured data markup, including

Each of these components helps market your local business online. When combined with a strong local presence through the claiming of citation sources, and the acquisition of customer reviews, your potential to rank on Google search results increases exponentially.

Why Local Mapping is Important to Search Optimization

Local Mapping Results

Local websites should prioritize user experience

When you understand the effect that click-through-rates and bounce rates can have on your website’s ability to rank on search results, you will further understand the importance of local mapping. Google’s objective is to provide the best experience possible for search engine users. They measure this experience, in a large part, based on how users interact with your page. By marketing your website only to potential customers, fewer users will exit immediately (bounce rate) and more users will click on your link (click through rate).

If you run a business in Dallas / Fort Worth, consider the implications of a strong online presence optimized for local search engine results. Not only can you increase your customer base in the short term, but you can build a sustainable online reputation that will continue to pay off into the future. If you would like to discuss SEO Local Mapping services in Dallas / Fort Worth, call us today at 800.231.4871