What is SEO Writing?

As a small business owner in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, you may have heard the phrase SEO writing uttered in reference to digital marketing. It’s safe to assume that most business owners in 2018-2019 have heard of “SEO” or search engine optimization, but how many of them understand it in the context of writing? Google has often promoted their ideals as content-driven, and while content can infer images, videos, and other forms of media, content will always remain synonymous with on page text. Although we’ve come a long way as an industry in regards to content development and marketing, there are still ways to write SEO-friendly content without resorting to old-school tactics like keyword stuffing.

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Like with every component of SEO, evolution has taken place, and will continue to, over time. SEO writing in 2008 is far different than it is today. Truth be told, if someone were to follow and SEO writing manual from a decade prior, they would likely be slapped with a manual penalty from Google. At the very least, they would fail to rank for any of the keywords they aimed to secure, and would make their entire website seem unprofessional, antiquated, and worst of all; anti-user. Since Google’s affiliation is to their users first and foremost, user-friendliness is priority number one, and that remains true when writing SEO-friendly content in 2019, and beyond.

SEO Writing Principles

The principles of SEO writing have evolved over the years, but some elements have remained constant. For one, you want to get the keyword listed within the text. It should match your SEO title (title tag) and should also be listed in your meta description. Another aspect of SEO writing that has continued is image alt text. You should write the keyword as an alt tag on relevant images. For this reason, you want to use images that reference the topic of the page you are writing. This is true with both regular web pages as well as blog posts. Another important principle is formatting, sometimes referred to as structuring. You want your content to be easily readable and easily crawlable by Google search crawlers. The usage of header tags (which should also contain a keyword) and bullet points, helps make formatting superior for everyone involved. Review the unchanged principles of SEO writing:

  • Formatting / Structuring
  • Keyword Placement
  • Uniformity (Matches other SEO elements)

How Has SEO Writing Changed in 2019

The fundamentals listed above have been part of SEO since its inception, but as the methodology has evolved to better suit the needs of users, the standard of writing has increased significantly. You still need formatting, keywords, and uniformity, but it’s far more in depth than it used to be. Today, formatting is more commonly known is structured data, which can even incorporate with the technical side of SEO and be integrated with schema.or microdata. Keywords are still necessary, but over-using them is now a strongly discouraged. Instead of inserting the keyword over and over again within content, it should be used sparingly and supplemented with synonyms. The theory behind usage of synonyms is known as LSI or lemantic search indexing, also sometimes referred to simply as; semantic search. Another factor of greater importance is content quality. Google’s ultimate goal is to rank the material that is the best written, meaning the most engaging, relevant and unique. In summary, SEO writing has changed in 2019 in the following areas:

  • LSI: Keywords should now be surrounded by synonyms, to satisfy a concept known as semantic search indexing
  • Quality: The standard of writing is much higher, in terms of grammar, engagement, and uniqueness
  • Relevance: Google can now distinguish content that relates to the page topic from content filled with out-of-context keywords

Writing for SEO in 2019

With a better understanding of how it has evolved, writing for SEO should be easier to understand. Still, many are looking for SEO writing tips so that they can outrank competitors on search engine results pages (SERPs). Before getting into specifics, aligning your core strategy with Google’s ideology should be priority #1. Writing content for the user rather than the search engine should be the central theme of your process. As the algorithm continues to evolve (approximately 500 updates per year), following the outlined protocol is an ideal long-term strategy. Long form content is now being rewarded more than ever before, and shorter articles are You should abide by the following SEO tips for 2019:

  • Deep Dive Content: Write longer posts and pages that delve deeply into the subject matter
  • Focus On The User: Let the needs of the user drive the direction of your writing
  • Organize & Structure: Make your writing easy to consume through proper organization
  • Semantic Search Optimization: Use LSI keywords for a more robust piece of content

SEO Writing Tips 2019 Infographic

SEO Writing Examples

Below you can see the difference between an SEO-friendly paragraph, and one that is awful:

SEO-Friendly Writing

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Awful Writing

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SEO Writing Services

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