The SEO Impact of Web Design

Web Designers Implement SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is bigger than keywords. While just a decade ago, most SEO research focused on keyword volume and implementation, Google has evolved to become much more sophisticated with their ranking criteria. Web design, in particular, is a vital part of any optimization strategy. While design has always been important, for a multitude of reasons, the ascendance of mobile internet usage has made it more critical than ever before. Business owners in Dallas / Fort Worth should take the following steps to design a site worthy of Google page one rankings:

Content Management System

Most web developers today design their website with a Content Management System (CMS). Some of the options include Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. In the case of DFW SEO, we use WordPress for all our clients websites. The design flexibility and open source nature, allows our designers to have full control of how each website is displayed. In addition to flexibility, WordPress CMS offers the following SEO benefits:

  • Crawlability: WP design and content management make it simple for Google bots to crawl a site
  • Clean Code: WP sites are designed with clean code providing great appeal to search engines
  • Ease of Use: Key optimization practices like meta, title, and header tag placement are all extremely simple to implement via WordPress
  • Internal Blogging: Through WP CMS, each website contains an internal blog which facilitates fresh information circulation as well as indexing

WordPress is not the only CMS on the market, but it is the most effective for optimization. It is for that reason that our designers use it for every client website. Search optimization benefits aside, WP is impressive from a visual and UX standpoint as well. There is really no downside to using this CMS which is why you should invest in your WordPress website today. Call 800.231.4871 for website design in D/FW.

HTML Coding

What users see when they visit a website is a presentation of HTML code. This code that is implemented behind the scenes has a true impact on site optimization and search engine ranking position. One factor is the cleanliness of code. Avoiding intrusive code blocks such as Flash and unnecessary JavaScript, can set a solid foundation for the website. From there, you will want to implement HTML elements, including:

  • Header Tags: The H1, H2, or H3, which signifies the beginning of a new section within content
  • Meta Description: A description of the page’s contents, which should fit within 160 characters
  • Title Tags: The name of each page, an element search engines take very much into account
  • Structured Data: Marked up data to more effectively market certain service categories to Google

To properly code a website from scratch, professional web design is the only effective option. Though many website factories exist, like Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix, none of them offer the full level of control that a from-scratch design provides. Think of SEO as a long-term business asset. As a company, you want that asset to be owned and controlled by your company, and not a 3rd party website.

Responsive Design

Google has gone on record to say that it recommends responsive design. This design method allows websites to display seamlessly across multiple device types including mobile, tablet, and desktop. With so many variations of design and brand between all 3 major device categories, making a site present well on all of them is key to market reach. Some of the ways in which RD contributes to SEO include:

  • Flexibility: Shared URLs can be more easily shared on social media and text message when the corresponding website will display optimally across devices
  • Google Algorithm: Presenting well across devices decreases bounce rates and more effectively satisfies Google’s ranking algorithm
  • Presentation: From an aesthetic standpoint, simple navigation and legible text are important on every device
  • User Experience: This is the main one and since a variety of users will use different and unique devices, catering to all of them is the only way to create the best experience

The online market has changed significantly, even in the last 5 years. If your website has yet to modernize by adapting to the current marketing landscape, the time is now. Mobile users are now more likely to visit your web page than desktop users. With all this in mind, DFW SEO works with business across the Metroplex to most efficiently market their services via web design and SEO. Call 800.231.4871 for website design in D/FW.

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