4 Logical Reasons To Invest in Arlington, TX SEO in 2022

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What is Arlington SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in Arlington, Texas.

Why Is SEO Important for Arlington Businesses?

Arlington, TX, is a thriving city, and like any flourishing city, there is a substantial commercial community. As a business owner in Arlington, TX, you have probably asked yourself how to get more customers. 

However, if you are ignoring SEO in 2022, you are already making a big mistake. The fact is that as more people shift their research and shopping habits to online formats, SEO becomes more and more viable. 

That’s because SEO is all about increasing your online presence and getting more consumer eyes on your website. For example, consider the following statistic: 68% of consumers begin interacting with a company, business, or service provider with an online search. 

More than half of your potential customers use search engines to find you, patronize you, and do research on your business. 

Now consider this statistic: the top three search results hog all but 25% of user clicks. That means that if your site isn’t ranking among the top 3, there is only a 25% chance it will get clicked on. And if you don’t get any clicks, you have no chance at converting customers online. 

Not convinced that SEO Arlington, TX is important yet? Take a look at the following reasons why you should be investing in SEO Arlington, TX in 2022 and beyond.

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Top Reasons SEO is Critical in Arlington

1) SEO Generates Quality Leads

One significant aspect of local SEO is keyword research and usage. Keywords represent the services you provide. For example, if you own an auto repair garage, one crucial keyword for you may be “brake shop in Arlington, TX.” 

Keyword selection and usage allow you to generate quality leads because you can attract customers based on the services you want to emphasize. 

Proper keyword research eliminates empty visits. Those are people clicking but not interested in your services, and they won’t convert. SEO gives you a better shot at converting customers online by displaying relevant content to customers ready to make a purchase. 

2) SEO is Sustainable

Local SEO Arlington, TX is a more sustainable method of generating leads than advertising. But, of course, you can make the argument that online ads like PPC or retargeting ads are also an essential part of digital marketing. 

The counterargument is this; organic SEO is more sustainable than ad campaigns. Once you have your pages optimized for the keywords you want to rank for, you have to do light maintenance and some performance testing. 

With advertising, you have to pay monthly (or by click fees) and do performance testing to make sure they are generating results. 

Once you have your on and off-site SEO set up, it more or less generates leads on its own. Plus, people tend to be distrustful of black-hat SEO tactics and ads. 

3) SEO Gives your Business Credibility

Another big part of SEO is online customer reviews. The more reviews you can get for your business, the better. Research has shown that the average consumer will read multiple online reviews before making a purchasing decision.  

But there is another advantage of online reviews: they can quickly lend your business an air of credibility. Remember when the only way to hear about a company was from a friend or relative? Online reviews are like word-of-mouth referrals times a thousand. Now, anyone can listen to what your customers think about your business with the click of a mouse. 

Of course, you want more good reviews than bad, but the most important thing for SEO is that you have reviews. People will be more trusting of a company with bad reviews than a company with no reviews at all. Of course, if you do have a lot of good reviews, it makes your business appear very credible, which is always a good thing. 

4) SEO Makes you More Visible to Mobile Users

SEO works the same for desktop users as it does for mobile users. If you have no SEO presence, you have no hope of being visible on desktop or mobile. The statement is quite simple: SEO Arlington, TX, makes you more visible for mobile users, and over 60% of online searches occur on a mobile device.

Making your site visible for mobile users is critical because mobile searches continue to rise. As phones and tablets get faster and mobile devices become more convenient; more people will use them to conduct local searches.

Using SEO To Compete With Arlington Businesses

One of the primary reasons people get into SEO is because their competitors are reaching customers online. Since most business owners hate the idea of losing, they look for top experts to help them overtake their local rivals. However, it’s important to note, SEO is not always a competition.

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Content Gap Analysis

SEO is simpler than you might think. Agencies like ours at DFW SEO perform content gap analysis between your website and your competitors’ websites:

  1. A) We see which keywords they rank for that your website fails to rank for online.
  2. B) We evaluate what kinds of topics their pages target, compared to your pages.
  3. C) We close these gaps with full-fledged content marketing.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks remain a top ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. We can analyze which websites link to your competitors with various link analysis tools. While some 3rd party links block crawlers from these tools, essentially hiding their links, we can still get a general outline. Finding competitors’ links helps us understand new linking opportunities and what we’d need to close the gap, link-wise.

Growth Analysis

Existing websites tend to become stagnant with their SEO. Achieving desirable results requires a consistent effort. We can see when your website begins to overtake competitors growth-wise. For instance, you may start ranking for more total keywords than competitors who once outranked you. From there, Google will respect your site even more. 

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