How Dallas Websites Can Rank For Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet Example Dallas

Google remains a giant because it is the go-to search engine for users worldwide. It also changes up their features constantly to ensure that rankings search for relevant keywords and deliver accurate search results. For your business, like one that is localized in the Dallas, TX area, you have to make sure that you are doing all you can to get those rankings from Google.

Along with keeping an eye on what your competition is doing, you have to make sure that you are doing your best to ensure that you are ranking highly in their snippets category. These featured snippets are the first thing that most people will see when they are searching for a specific word or phrase.

Snippets have become so popular because they will give the user the answers to the questions that they are searching for, but in ways that are quick, convenient, and far easier to read. Not having to click through to find anything that you’re looking for is a huge benefit.

Most of all, these snippets aren’t just helpful to your average user; they give marketers out there a chance to beat their competition, drive traffic to their website, and boost those all-important conversions. It has been proven that content with a featured snippet gets 2x higher of a click-through rate overall.

What exactly is a featured snippet?

You might not have even noticed them, but there are a ton of snippets from Google when you are searching for information as well as answers to the questions that you might have. The position that featured snippets give to some content is known as “position zero”.  This is because those featured snippets will take up the most space on a given search results page and are usually at the very top, too.

When you search for something on Google, it will answer your question using a snippet that contains the information about your question. It will display that snippet above all of the other links in the search results and will usually pull them right from the content that is already on page one, though it can pull them from some lower-ranking SERPs as well.

These featured snippets will make it easier than ever before to find the answers to your questions because it requires no clicking to view the relevant information. The answers in the snippet can display in paragraph form or with bullets as well.

So, how can you ensure that your business will get into those featured snippets and draw more traffic and conversions to your website? There are a few different types that you will definitely want to try.

Use Google as a way to uncover opportunities for snippets

Perhaps one of the best ways to find snippets that you can ultimately optimize content for is to think about the questions that your audience would ask. The best way to do this is to search and see what competitors are doing and what answers they are offering.

Read through each full snippet and then identify what those content ideas are. With a little bit of time and effort, you can then duplicate those snippets and create answers of your own. This creates a relevant search result for your audience to turn up and gives them a reason to look at your snippet.

Do some keyword research

If you aren’t already doing this, start doing so immediately. With keyword research, you can use this to optimize your keywords so that you can get those featured snippets that are becoming a huge part of what Google offers in its search results.

There are also tools out there that will help you find out if a search query will bring up the featured results that you are after. If you already rank high in a particular keyword, it is helpful to know if Google currently brings that up in its featured snippets. If not, find out what you need to tweak to turn those high ranks into a featured snippet.

Also, make sure that your tags are properly formatted and that they answer and relate to those relevant questions. Also, it is highly important to make sure that you answer more than one question in each of your articles so you stand a better shot at getting those featured snippets.

Make sure that you answer multiple questions

What you might not realize is that when a page earns a featured snippet, it then becomes more likely to become a featured snippet in other queries that are related. For this reason, you should structure your article in the kind of way that answers as many of the related questions in one location as possible.

Make sure that you focus on beefing up a particular article that answers several questions instead of a bunch of articles; this is the way that you earn those featured snippets that are becoming such a huge part of the way that Google does business.

Watch your word count

One thing to keep in mind if you want a featured snippet is to ensure that your article is not too long. If it gets to be too long, your article becomes difficult to feature in Google’s featured snippets. There are a number of ways to keep your word count in check.

Do things like sectioning off your paragraphs, your lists, and any steps that you might list off instead of letting them all run together in one big jumble. The shorter you can keep those walkthroughs, the better chance you stand of getting into those featured snippets.

There are certain services that show that the average featured snippet is around 40-50 words long. Because of this, it is imperative that you keep each section of your content as short as possible, though no shorter than 50 words. You would also want to use headers to break up each section of content to ensure that it reads easier for Google, making it more likely that it gets pushed to the top of the featured snippets ranking.

Headings are your friend

One of the quickest and best ways to format the content that you have is to make sure that each section is broken up into as short areas as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to use the paragraph styles section that you would find in Wordpress or in Google Docs.

Make sure that you organize each of your lists, steps, and paragraphs by using headers. Though h2 headers are the most commonly used, using h1, h2, h3, or h4 is a great idea and you want to make sure to organize those subheadings by size.

If you end up adding “Rule 1, Rule 2” or “Step 1, Step 2” for each heading phrase, Google will automatically place them in chronological order. When you format your article, make sure that you do so in chronological order, too. Google will be more likely to feature it if you do it this way.

There is also another tip that you should take into account: add a whole new area to your site dedicated to providing those resources to your customers and readers.

Make sure to add a “how-to” section on your website

Because featured snippets are such a great way to attract traffic to your website and gain new leads for your business, it is definitely a smart idea to redesign your website that allows you to optimize that “how-to” content that has become so popular.

Some of the biggest and most popular websites have entire “how-to” sections that are dedicated to answering questions from their readers and customers; this is a great way to give all of your content that is dedicated to answering questions a place somewhere on your website.

A Q&A section works just as well; make sure that you answer some frequently asked questions about what products and services that you offer as well as questions about the industry in general.  You definitely want to make sure that you have high-quality images and videos in order to boost the chances of your ranking being in for a featured snippet.

Add high-quality video and images

Many people learn visually and that is why it is so important to have those high-quality videos and photos to help boost your rank for featured images. It doesn’t have to be hard and you can use a variety of services to upload your own images.

Using video, in particular, is a great way to build engagement with your customers and at least 65% of people will watch three-quarters of a video. Combining video with text has also been shown to develop more engagement from that audience.

As you can see, there are a ton of factors that go into the rankings that determine where the featured snippets come from. If you can land one of those featured snippets, your business becomes the go-to source on Google for finding the answers to specific questions as well as making you an authority on the subject.