Producing Social Media Content in 2017

Social Media Content

Facebook Algorithms Make Valuable Social Media Content Appear To More Users

Facebook and Twitter have come along way from when they first launched. What were originally designed as social media networks, have become some of the hottest marketing real estate on the internet. So how exactly can you get seen on social media in 2017? Consider these factors:

  • Local Content: Local means two things in this case, location specific in terms of geography, as well as local in the context of servers — in other words uploading a video directly to Facebook will get you more impressions than sharing a YouTube link of your video on Facebook
  • Valuable Content: Facebook in particular is going the route of Google, where they are prioritizing quality content over clickbait and misleading headlines — after all, this criteria is proven to enhance user experience

By following these two main components, you can increase your impressions on both Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, posting valuable content will increase your conversion rate optimization, as users are more likely to engage with quality content.

Producing Local Content

Do you have photos and videos of your business that you’d like to share on social media? Instead of sharing links from YouTube and Instagram, try uploading videos directly to Facebook and pictures directly to Twitter. Both platforms now have image and video compatibility and can host them on their own server. In addition to uploading directly on the network, consider these enhancement techniques:

  • Hashtags: Twitter and Facebook both support #hashtags as a way for users to follow a specific subject — so tag your images and videos with relevant hashtags that will match them to interested users
  • Resolution: For both images and videos, having a high quality resolution is more likely to yield views and engagements
  • Timeliness: Much of social media success depends on time windows — it is better to post content that is relevant to users at the time it is posted, whether that’s a time of day, time of year, or a unique variable

Local can also mean geographic location. As a business in Dallas / Fort Worth, you want to use local hashtags, and produce content that intrigues local users. After all, social media works together with online directories and review websites to create a brand image and perception for your business.

Producing Valuable Content

So anybody can throw a bunch of hashtags under their image or video. But if the content itself is not valuable, you will only upset the algorithm. Why? Facebook and Twitter will notice that when people find your content, they were either mislead into viewing it, or disappointed after viewing it. In either case, your content will be penalized. Some ideas for producing high quality content include:

  • Informative: Does your content inform interested users about a service you provide, or an event you are hosting or attending?
  • Professional: Does your content look amateur, or like a professional designed or wrote it?
  • Unique: Is your content something that users are bombarded with online, or do you offer a new perspective or idea?

These are just some things to be mindful of when thinking about social media content. The best way to satisfy the algorithms is to post high quality content that will engage users and give them reason to stick around. If you require social media management, DFW SEO is here to help. We offer social media marketing for businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth. Call 800.231.4871 for more information.