Paid search vs. organic search

PPC vs. OrganicIf you are at all familiar with internet marketing, then it’s very likely that you’ve heard the terms PPC and SEO (or should I say acronyms?).  PPC stands for pay per click and SEO stands for search engine optimization. Both of these search engine marketing tactics are used  in order to increase traffic to a website. PPC refers to the paid ads that you see at the very top of search engine results.  Search engine optimization involves implementing specific strategies  that will yield organic SERPs, which are the non-paid search results.

Should I use SEO or PPC?

PPC and SEO both have their pros and cons and whether or not they are successful will depend on certain circumstances.  Once your bid is approved and your campaign is launched, pay per click is going to catapult your site to the top very quickly. Another benefit to PPC is that you can narrowly target your ads to a specific demographic or a certain location so that your ads are only displayed to the most relevant audience. However, pay per click advertising can get quite expensive. Factors such as location, industry, and competitiveness affect the cost per click. A click can cost as little as $0.05 or as much as $100 depending on how many people are after that keyword.

Even though the upfront cost is greater, search engine optimization generally has a greater return on investment. Unfortunately, what many business owners fail to realize is that it takes time to organically rank for keywords. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months just for your site to make it to the first page of results. However, once your site starts occupying those top positions for keywords, they have a tendency to stay there as long as proper search engine optimization tactics continue to be executed. Organic clicks generally cost significantly less when compared to paid clicks and people are more likely to click on organic search results verses paid ads. On average, 80% of a site’s traffic is generated from organic clicks.

By now, you may wondering if you should invest in PPC or SEO. PPC and SEO complement each other very well so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into both options. Which one you should place more focus on depends on several factors such as the type of business you have, your location, your budget, and the quality of your website.  But before you decide, it’s best to consult an internet marketing company that experts in both of these marketing tactics.

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