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AdWords Account Segmentation Doesn’t Always Work For D/FW Businesses

Dallas / Fort Worth business owners who invest in PPC campaigns should be cognizant of their Google AdWords optimization. Specifically, their account structure. While segmentation is a valuable tool within PPC campaigns, it may not be on the macro level of account management. In fact, often times, a global AdWords account is a better tool than various segmented accounts. Here’s why:

  • Data Aggregation: It’s much easier to analyze data in the aggregate, than attempting to compare it with non-equivalent data
  • Macro Insights: Instead of everything being so segmented, making decisions on a macro level can actually make your job a lot easier
  • Location Aggregation: You might think having separate accounts based on location is a good idea, but AdWords provides geo-targeting capability so you don’t require multiple campaigns
  • Sample Size: For AdWords automation to reach its full potential, it needs a large data sample, and overly segmented campaigns remove that from the equation

This might seem like a radical concept to some advertisers, and it very well may be. But before you dismiss it, you should consider the advantages of macro analysis and how it provides insights that overly segmented accounts cannot. Perhaps, condensing your accounts is a good place to start, and seeing the results for yourself will inspire you to go even further.

In What Cases is AdWords Account Segmentation Required?

The above concept applies primarily to businesses that over-segment their accounts. They segment them by extremely narrow parameters like, “tablet users” or “dallas county customers”. There are, of course, cases in which segmentation makes sense. See some of the below examples to get an idea:

  • Businesses With Multiple Franchises: While over-segmenting by location is often problematic, a case in which a large business owns multiple franchise extensions, calls for account segmentation
  • Companies With Multiple Brands: Brands under one umbrella still need seperate accounts to avoid overlapping data
  • Firms With Multiple Clients: Clearly, managing entirely different companies requires separate accounts

As you can see, the best route for account optimization depends on your business circumstance. Local businesses that operate under one brand name should generally stick to less segmentation and more automation. In contrast, firms with various clients must continue to segment their AdWords accounts to generate an untainted measurement of individual performance. If you have questions about Google AdWords optimization, give us a call at 800.231.4871. We are AdWords PPC experts in Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth, TX.