Keywords and the Role They Play

You’ve heard the term before, but what are keywords, really? When people need information, they go to their preferred search engine and search for what they need. The specific terminology used to perform that search is the keyword. To provide an example: say you are putting on a party and want to really decorate your home, but you don’t know the closest party decor store. You turn to Google and type in “party decorations” in the search bar. These two words, “party decorations” become your keyword for your search. 

The Role of Keywords

keywordsIn building the content for a website, keywords play a huge role. When used carefully and placed within the content, it can tell Google and other search engines what your website is all about and that you are available to help with client’s needs. However,  a keyword should not be laced repeatedly throughout the content. This is called keyword stuffing. When Google sees repetitive content, it is less likely to call your information up for potential clients.

Using keywords for your service area means that you will be able to reach the people you want to reach. Keywords can continue to work for you after your website goes live and even on your blog posts. Blog posts allow for frequent updates to your websites content, information, and keywords. This means both your online presence and ranking grow continuously. 

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