Instagram Branding Opportunity for DFW Companies

If you have been in business long enough you have seen the profound change in the way customers consume media. 20-30 years ago it was through print and TV advertisements. Today it is primarily through online channels, namely social media. The job of the modern business is to reach their target audience at the destination they prefer.

Many small business in DFW use Facebook for their social media marketing. A few more use Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. All of these are valuable marketing assets in their own right, but Dallas companies could be missing out on a golden marketing platform; Instagram. The graphic below shows the discrepancy in marketers who use Facebook vs those who use Instagram.

Instagram Brand Opportunity

Why Instagram Branding Matters

Instagram is trending upwards, and because of its lack of marketing usage in comparison to Facebook, there is a current window of opportunity to spread your brand awareness quickly. This window won’t stay open forever but long enough for you to take advantage if you start today. Instagram enhances branding in the following ways:

  • Filtering: Instagram allows you to put multiple filters on uploaded photos
  • Simplicity: IG is easier to scroll through and navigate than Facebook
  • Stories: IG allows you to share realtime stories of what is going on for your daily business
  • Visual Engagement: IG is a completely visual medium, unlike Facebook

When an opportunity like this comes along, those who most quickly take advantage of it reap the greatest rewards. Instagram is a growing entity. Facebook, in contrast, has become over-saturated. With so many users sharing text based statuses and annoying memes and polls, users have begun to look elsewhere for a more aesthetically pleasing experience. Instagram accomplishes that and more.

Instagram Marketing for DFW Businesses

As marketers ourselves, it is our duty to find unique ways to market your services. Social media is certainly among the most innovative ways do that with its combination of reach and engagement. Of course, like with anything else, it’s only worth doing if it’s done right.

If you run a business anywhere in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, DFW SEO can help you take advantage of this branding opportunity. We will launch your Instagram account and cease the market inefficiency that currently exists in regards to marketing. The goal is to generate as many leads as possible, and at DFW SEO, that is our specialty. To speak with a social media marketing expert, give us a call at 800.231.4871.