In House Vs. Outsourced SEO

Comparing In House vs Outsourced SEO

In House vs Outsourced SEO Depends on The Size, Scope, and Need of Your DFW Business

For small businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth, the idea of SEO can seem overwhelming. Should you hire an SEO company to handle your online optimization? Or perhaps, you should do it yourself and assign in-house employees to SEO duty. Many of these answers will depend on the size, scope, and needs of your business. Consider some of the questions below to help you determine the next step for your DFW business and its online marketing campaign:

What Are My Internet Marketing Needs?

Depending on your industry, the specific needs of your online marketing campaign will vary. An Ecommerce website will look significantly different from a plumbing company website, and the SEO factors will be tailored to individual situations. Some aspects of internet marketing to consider are:

  • On Page SEO: Optimization that includes content marketing, link building, and keyword placement
  • Off Site SEO: Optimization that includes directory listings, review management, etc.
  • Social Media: Optimization of social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Web Design / Maintenance: Technical SEO aspects that relate to web design and functionality

What is My Online Marketing Budget?

It is important to treat SEO as any other business operation. You should have a budget, and an expected ROI. Regardless of whether you outsource your SEO to a firm, or assign employees in-house, you will have to set measurable goals and determine the value of the process. Measurements should include:

  • Conversion Rate: The rate at which website visitors become leads
  • Cost Per Conversion: The cost of online marketing divided by the number of conversions
  • Net ROI: The revenue earned from internet marketing minus the cost
  • Revenue Per Conversion: The amount of revenue earned per converted user

How Important is Internet Marketing to My Company?

In 2018, internet marketing is an integral part of most businesses. With that said, Ecommerce websites will require even more SEO attention than a plumbing company website. Still, home service websites will still require an optimized website that targets local search users. Other components to consider include:

  • Scope: How many cities, counties, states, and countries does your website market to?
  • Size: How many website pages do you currently have, and how many do you need?
  • Leads: Where do the majority of your leads come from?
  • Networking: How heavily does your business rely on networking?

Dallas / Fort Worth SEO

If you decide your business needs a professional SEO company to assist you, look no further than Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. We are a full service internet marketing company that will handle every aspect of your search engine optimization. In addition to SEO, our services include; web design, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, local search marketing, and more. CallĀ 800.231.4871 to speak with an SEO expert now.

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