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Why Content Counts

When shared an update a while back highlighting the latest version of Google’s Panda algorithm. This was key to share because it brought into sharp focus just how important content — quality content, to be exact — is when it comes to seeing results in search[Read the Full Article]

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3 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Business

A motivated small business owner is always looking for opportunities to grow their business. Social media provides a great opportunity to share your business with others. In fact, it has become noteworthy if a small business doesn’t have a social media presence. But is it[Read the Full Article]

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Year End Special

Call 1.800.231.4871 Today! Are you tired of seeing your competitors win online? Do you want to garner new leads by simply being found through search engines? Then we are the team to call! We provide a full array of web services, from design, to content,[Read the Full Article]

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Google’s Newest Algorithm Update

Mobile-Friendly Emphasis In April Google will be unleashing their latest algorithm update. (Google’s algorithm is the system they use to determine what sites rank highest.) In this update they will be placing a renewed emphasis on mobile friendliness. Since the majority of internet users are[Read the Full Article]

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SEO & Content Marketing

Understanding SEO and Content Marketing If you are a small business owner and you are searching for a company to help you with your internet marketing you likely have encountered a sea of confusing terms and concepts that are often at best poorly explained. SEO[Read the Full Article]

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What is PPC?

If you have ever looked into the possibilities available for internet marketing, you have undoubtedly heard of PPC. So what is a PPC campaign? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that show up in a Google search and say “Ad”[Read the Full Article]

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Do broken links matter?

The Damage of Broken Links In order for your online marketing campaign to be successful, you must pay attention to every single detail of your web presence. Often when a website is neglected the amount of broken links on that site will increase. Will broken[Read the Full Article]

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A Summation of Google in 2014

Google’s Algorithm Updates from the Past Year Here at Dallas Fort Worth SEO our entire team spends time every day researching and learning about the latest updates and trends in SEO. Google leads the search engine pack and their algorithm updates dictate a lot of[Read the Full Article]

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Increasingly Mobile

The trend of mobile and what it means for your business With a new year upon us, we are always looking to see where the latest trends are taking SEO. And as 2015 kicks off, one thing is very apparent: our world is increasingly mobile.[Read the Full Article]

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New Year’s Business Resolution

Start the New Year Right Here at Dallas Fort Worth SEO we are passionate about helping small businesses succeed online. We ourselves have owned small, local businesses and understand the importance of online leads. We know you have a tight budget to work with and[Read the Full Article]

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