4 Social Media Advertising Tips

Social Platform IconsThe days of organic reach through social media have come to an apparent standstill. Though some platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn still offer some organic value, if properly utilized, other networks like Twitter, and Facebook, provide most of their value in the form of paid advertisements. Facebook’s latest initiative of bringing people closer together inspired them to change their news feed algorithm to prioritize non-branded content — all but eliminating the usefulness of Facebook business posts. Organic tweets are similarly low in value because they disappear from a user’s timeline almost instantaneously. Reallocating your social media resources towards paid advertising is the best course of action in 2018 and below are some tips to help you along the way:

1) Diversify Your Ad Portfolio

Platform(s): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

All the cliche sayings about resource allocation ring true for social media ads. It’s best to diversify your advertising portfolio for a variety of reasons in which we will list below. To be clear, diversification, in this case, does not mean cross-platform diversity (i.e. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram), it means creating multiple ads for each platform. Benefits of this method include:

  • Analytics: More ads = more measurable data
  • Branding: Establish your company’s identity over and again
  • Coverage: Reach a wider span of consumers

2) Make Use of Buttons

Platform(s): Facebook

Facebook ads are a top commodity for businesses. Since Facebook remains the most active social media platform, the amount of eyes that could potentially see your ad is substantial. Facebook provides advertisers with the option to include 1 of 7 buttons within their ad. Research shows these buttons to increase engagement. Examples include:

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up

3) Optimize Your Landing Page

Platform(s): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

If you’ve ever participated in a PPC campaign, you understand that a landing page can make or break an advertisement. The same is true of social media. An ad on Facebook, Twitter, or another platform can only be as impactful as its corresponding landing page. In most cases, it is on the landing page where the lead will be officially generated. Landing page optimization techniques include:

  • Call To Action: A measurable action on your web page (i.e. clicking a phone number link)
  • SEO: Follows standard optimization protocol
  • Urgency: Declares incentive for completing the aforementioned call to action, right away

4) Covertly Blend With Organic Content

Platform(s): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

Another concept we can take from pay per click advertising is the idea of blending in seamlessly with organic content. You’ll notice in a common Google search that the top results are ads, but also that they closely resemble the subsequent organic results. The savvy consumer will always know the difference, but not everyone is savvy. Blending in with organic content promotes the following:

  • Aesthetics: Consumers don’t like their web experience disturbed with an intrusive ad, making blended content more conducive to lead generation
  • Empowerment: Users want to feel in control of their online decisions, and the appearance of organicness creates this illusion
  • Trust: Nobody likes to be swindled, especially online, and organic-looking ads look more legitimate (and often times are)


Do you have a company handling your social media advertising? If not, the time is now to start. If you have traditionally gotten by on organic reach alone, and plan on sticking with that, you’re in for a rough 2018. Advertising will dominate social media reach this year and companies who recognize this trend early will reap the rewards. If you are a business owner in the Dallas – Fort Worth, TX area, we are the perfect internet marketing solution for you.

Our services expand beyond social media advertising. They also include; search engine optimization, PPC management, content marketing, and website design. As a full-spectrum online marketing company, we make sure your online presence is expansive and engaging. To get started with social media advertising, or any of our other services, give us a call today at 800.231.4871.