Local Internet Marketing: Managing Multiple Locations

Managing Multiple Locations DFW Online Marketing

Managing multiple DFW locations shouldn’t be a nightmare for business owners

If you are a business owner in Dallas / Fort Worth you should check out our Local SEO Checklist for Small Businesses. This guide covers everything you will need for optimizing your local business throughout every internet channel. But what about businesses with multiple locations? Perhaps you have an office in Dallas, and an office in Fort Worth. In cases such as these, an extension of fundamental local SEO will be required. For Dallas SEO and Fort Worth SEO call 800.231.4871. Consider these factors to effectively manage multiple business locations within your online marketing strategy:

Location Specific PPC Campaigns

So you have two offices but one company. Each office falls under the umbrella of a singular business model, brand, etc. but the only difference is location. When using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or other PPC campaigns, the solution is as simple as constructing multiple campaigns. In cases like this you should:

A. Create separate campaigns for each location

B. Keep data separate, and adjust each campaign exclusively

C. Use location specific keywords in each campaign

This is a simple way for business owners to manage PPC campaigns from multiple locations. By being specific with your audience targeting, you can maximize the potential of each business location, without giving up any branding leverage that accompanies business growth. To learn more about managing multiple Ads from the same AdWords account, check out this Google Support Page.

Social Media Branding

PPC is a simple fix because it allows for multiple campaigns under one business account. With social media, managing multiple locations is more complex. The goal with social media branding is to keep your advertising consistent, and have a clear message that resonates with customers. This leaves Dallas business owners with a couple choices:

Multiple Social Accounts

Create two Facebook accounts, two Twitter accounts, etc. and simply ensure that the messages are clear throughout. Still, the downside of this method is that it can create confusion among customers, and therefore be a detractor to your brand. There is also the fear of duplicate content being indexed by Google, a circumstance in which your accounts would essentially be competing against each other.

Single Social Account

So if multiple accounts hurts branding, singular accounts would help it, right? Yes, but there is also a downside to this technique as well. How will you communicate location specific content, posts, shares, etc. from one account, if both locations are to be represented? This is a fair question, and does not currently have an easy answer. The most obvious solution is to simply specify the referenced location in each of your social media posts. It’s not a perfect option, but perhaps the best one available.

Website Content

So multiple PPC campaigns — Yes!, and multiple social media accounts — No!, so what about website content and domain names? Online marketers should most likely have one domain, with locations separated by service pages. At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, we design custom websites that can expand service areas across multiple locations. This provides the following advantages:

  • Brand Awareness: Maintain your brand while extending it to multiple service areas
  • Market Reach: Market services to multiple locations, under one online identity
  • SEO: Have each location optimized for their exclusive areas, as well as contributing to your company’s overall SEO

Managing multiple locations can be a headache for business owners. But it doesn’t have to be. If you do business in the DFW area, perhaps in multiple locations throughout the metroplex, consider investing in SEO services from a trusted local company. Our experience working with small business owners, as well as our knowledge of Google algorithms makes us a great fit for your online marketing needs. Call 800.231.4871 to learn more about managing multiple locations for online marketing.